Conflict in Ukraine


In this dark moment of history, EASAPS wants to declare its solidarity and support to the Ukrainian people, in the defense of freedom, democracy and human rights! This is the moment to join together wisdom and humanist sense of solidarity. As physicians, it is essential that the ethical principles that support the defense of human rights and in particular freedom and life prevail. As physicians, our duty is to guarantee to patients and victims total access to health care and we have to keep our focus on that. As physicians, we want to treat all patients independent of their nationality, skin color or religion. Ukrainian people need us now! EASAPS members are Aesthetic Surgeons, and they all are Plastic Surgeons! Most of our members have dual practice. They perform not only aesthetic but also reconstructive surgery. As said before, together we are stronger. EASAPS and the national societies members are working right now, with other leaders in Plastic Surgery, mainly in Europe, and thanks to our excellent relationships with ESPRAS, are delineating the strategy inside a European leadership Forum to set up the best way to help Ukrainian people, as people, as doctors and in particular, as Plastic Surgeons. Lot of members have already confirmed their willing to offer their skills to help the ones who need so much right now in this tragic conflict. Carlos Parreira, MD E(A)SAPS President

Sep 30, 2022

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